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A Danish world premiere: HG E2000 – 100% electric 2 ton dumper

Drives +12 hours and charges in 3 hours.

A 100% electric 2-tonne dumper that fully matches the performance of current combustion engine alternatives – a Danish innovation by HG.

It is finally possible to order a 100% electric 2-tonne dumper without worrying about battery performance, charge timings, or machine durability. The E2000 has been tested and optimized over the last year, 25 machines are sold for customers in Denmark. The tests have been made in collaboration with selected contractors.

Electrical performance without compromising efficiency

HG has just opened orders from HG dealers for the new, all-electric HG E2000 dumper, scheduled for first delivery in Q2 2023. With an effective driving range of up to 12 hours, it can easily run a full working day. In addition, it handles all types of charging with an internal charger that can connect to a regular car charger, 16A current, or a 220V EU plug. The machine charges quickly and takes around 3.5 hours from 0 to 100% – 2 hours from 20 to 80%.

“We are delighted and proud that we have been able to launch such an innovative machine. We have over five years of experience with 100% electric 1-tonne dumpers, so we see it as our objective to help drive the electric, emission-free transition. We do this by developing more electrical innovations that enable the construction companies to reduce emissions, especially in bigger cities around the world,” says Nikolaj Birkerod, Managing Director of HG

Durable and user-friendly machinery

HG needs to make it carefree and simple to work with 100% electrical machines.

The new HG E2000 dumper has been tested on construction sites and can take the beatings that machinery will ultimately get on site. It has total four-wheel drive, including individual torque on all wheels, making it entirely off-road capable.

“Our ambition is to ensure that our customers have the lowest cost of ownership when they use an HG machine. This has been our goal with the thousands of 1-tonne ‘Super Skub’ dumpers that drive around Europe. Of course, this must be the case with our 100% electric 2-tonne dumper. As such, we have tested it and ensured that it lives up to our highest quality standards,” explains Nikolaj Birkerod.

In addition to ensuring a better working environment with significantly fewer emissions, the HG E2000 also contributes to a more social worksite, as it operates in silence. This also means that you can start earlier and finish later.

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A Danish world premiere: HG E2000 – 100% electric 2 ton dumper