Spartan Solutions streamlines equipment rental with PHALANX V6


Spartan Solutions is proud to announce the launch of PHALANX V6, a revolutionary software platform that streamlines equipment rental operations. With major advances in Artificial Intelligence automation and configurable rental workflows, PHALANX V6 offers an unprecedented level of efficiency and ease of use for any equipment rental business.

“We are thrilled to introduce PHALANX V6, which combines major advances in AI automation with easy-to-use mobile apps and flexible data forms,” said Spartan Solutions CEO Jim Green. “This new software platform will revolutionise how businesses manage their rental logistics and servicing processes.”

The PHALANX V6 AI engine uses expert rules and statistical algorithms to identify patterns and trends in your equipment’s telematics and operations data. This data includes information about your machines’ performance, operation, maintenance, and usage. By leveraging this data, the AI engine can detect any abnormalities or issues that may be present with the machine before an issue becomes a major problem. V6 delivers Condition Based Maintenance to reduce servicing costs and allows rental companies to provide value-added services for customers who demand ultra-high availability from their equipment supplier. 

PHALANX V6 also makes tracking your assets easier than ever, optimising inventory management and controlling costs across multiple locations. With an intuitive interface and powerful dashboard, users can access all the information they need to make decisions quickly and accurately.

The system also comes with a suite of integrated mobile apps designed specifically for service technicians, delivery staff or customers who want to track their orders in real-time.

In addition, PHALANX V6 includes powerful analytics capabilities that allow users to monitor performance metrics such as equipment demand vs availability, delivery and return backlogs or average workshop turnaround times. This enables rental companies to make more informed decisions about maximising utilisation and reducing costs.

Finally, PHALANX V6 is fully scalable to meet the needs of any size business or organisation. This allows users to easily customise the system for their unique requirements without requiring expensive custom development projects.

“Spartan has re-imagined how a rental company can combine equipment telematics, artificial intelligence and integrated mobile apps to digitise and automate operations,” said Green. “PHALANX V6 will streamline rental operations to maximise rental and service revenue while driving out unnecessary delay and cost”. 

Spartan will be demonstrating PHALANX V6 on stand 2365 at the IRE 2023 Exhibition


Spartan Solutions streamlines equipment rental with PHALANX V6