Think GREEN think TRIME

Innovation, sustainability, and advanced technology – these are the hallmarks of Trime’s cutting-edge line of mobile lighting towers and generators. At IRE Show, we’re showcasing our latest and most exciting products yet, featuring unmatched green technology that sets us apart from the competition.

Leading the way is our X-SOLAR 4x60W LED, an exclusive European market offering that boasts an advanced battery pack and auto-dimming mode. This unique unit is capable of self-sufficient operation year-round, emitting zero noise and zero emissions. But that’s just the beginning. Trime has a great range of solar lighting towers, including the X-SOLAR PRO M, X-SOLAR PRO A, and X-SOLAR PRO E, each designed with specific markets and customer needs in mind. With over 12 different X-SOLAR models to choose from, Trime has the perfect solution for every need.

But it’s not just our lighting towers that set us apart. Our X-ECO HYBRID LITHIUM 6x100W is already a popular choice in Europe, and we’re proud to introduce it to the US market. Featuring advanced lithium battery technology, this mobile light tower offers unmatched reliability, long running time, and zero noise and emissions.

On the generator side, Trime’s SOLAR HYBRID STAGE 5 Generator range is revolutionizing the industry. Our MGTP 24000/30 THS model is part of our widest green range and offers an all-in-one solution with automatic control of all functions and load management, in addition to the broadest selection of hybrid and solar-hybrid generators available on the market.. With 14 different models to choose from, ranging from 6 to 100 kVA, and featuring a lithium battery pack and stage 5 engines, our generators offer unparalleled efficiency, fuel reduction, and lower maintenance costs. Add in the option to add external solar panels to charge the battery pack, and you have the most efficient and eco-friendly option available.

At Trime, we’re passionate about creating a brighter, more sustainable future. Our innovative, eco-friendly products and advanced technology set us apart from the competition.

Join us at IRE Show to see for yourself how Trime is changing the game.


Think GREEN think TRIME