Tobroco-Giant extends electrical range.


From now on the more powerful machines of the G2700 series by TOBROCO-GIANT offer also electrically driven types: The models of this series are able to transport  complete pallets of bricks and are more than useful for fulfilling heavy tasks with attachments which need a huge amount of hydraulic oil for work.

Because of a higher service weight (earth bucket included) of almost 2.600 kg and their pulling force of 12.500N the now electrified models G2700E and G2700E X-TRA are abel to execute more heavy tasks than smaller models. The G2700E X-TRA HD is for extra pushing force and extra traction.

The G2200E and G2200E X-TRA entered production at the end of 2019 and have proven to be a success. With the expansion of the E-range of its compact wheel loaders, TOBROCO-GIANT made the next step towards the goal of offering an E-model of each series in the future. The loaders are equipped with an 48V LPT-battery. That means it is a lithium-iron-phosphate-battery which offers a lot of advantages like an extended life time, maintenance free, more safety and an improved discharging and charging efficiency. The battery can be charged like any electric car at a car loading station. It is possible too to use an external high frequency charger with 48V/150A of 48 V/300 A, wich with the machine can quickly be recharged.


Ideal to rent and easy to transport on a trailer

The wheel loaders are ideal for rental. They provide very large and comfortable cabins, but still have compact measures and a small enough weight to be transported easily on a trailer. TOBROCO-GIANT has developed an external fast charging station for the customer for rental, which is easy to carry.

500+ attachments

The wide range of more than 500+ attachments has been specially developed for GIANT machines and they have been made to match to more than 100 different hitches. With this wide range of attachments the user is able to get the best possible return from the GIANT machine. All work can be performed with one machine. As a result, GIANT machines can be used all year round for all kinds of work. With more than 40 different buckets in the standard range, TOBROCO-GIANT listens to “the voice of the customer” and supplies not only a wide, but also a deep range of attachments.


Full-liner in compact and durable equipment

With the acquisition of ULBO Machinery in June 2021, TOBROCO-GIANT has added a complete line of compaction machines to the range. The range consists of 24 models which excel in quality, productivity and durability by using high-quality components. Customers can choose from a petrol, diesel or electric motor from Honda or Hatz. Substantial investments are also being made in electrification for the compaction machines.  

During the IRE show, TOBROCO-GIANT will introduce the G2700E X-TRA and the G2200E X-TRA. In addition to the wheel loaders, the electric compaction machines are also introduced:
The electric vibratory plate GP1950E and the vibratory rammer GR740E.

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Tobroco-Giant extends electrical range.