TORO to exhibit two new electric products at IRE 2023.


As society moves towards a greener future, the demand for low-emission equipment is increasing, especially in the rental industry. Responding to this demand, Toro has introduced two new electric-powered machines: the electric Ultra Buggy e2500 and the eDingo 500. Designed with the operator in mind, these machines offer a battery runtime that matches their fossil-fuel counterparts, comfort and ease of use, and powerful performance, making them ideal for the rental market. In this article, we will take a closer look at the features of these machines and how they are meeting the needs of the rental industry while contributing to a cleaner and quieter work environment.


The electric Ultra Buggy e2500

We designed the electric Ultra Buggy with the operator and productivity in mind. We answered the call from the rental industry for more low-emission equipment, battery runtime that can match fossil-fuel power, and comfort and ease of use for the operator. We wanted our electric Ultra Buggy to be intuitive to operate, so no extensive training is needed before the operator can use the equipment effectively, which makes it ideal for the rental market and a perfect investment option for rental companies.  Other design considerations we implemented were the demand for powerful machines that can be used in tight spaces and indoors, an environment that has traditionally been more suitable to manual labour due to the emission- and noise levels of fossil-fuel equipment. All these factors have resulted in the following operator focussed features:

  • The Electric Ultra Buggy has a zero-turn radius, which means you can navigate in hard-to-access areas and turn around in tight areas.
  • The auto-return dump feature, which ensures the tub automatically returns to the resting position so the operator can focus on retrieving the next load of concrete.
  • The tub remains hydraulically controlled; however, the machine was designed to create the best user experience and is engineered with various electrical components.  Offering a significantly quieter operating experience compared to combustion-powered alternatives.
  • The mounted directional and dump switches provide the operator with continuous motion on the machine and eliminates the need to fully stop the machine to change direction or dump the load.
  • The Ultra Buggy comes with standard with dual headlights, which illuminate low-light areas so you can use it in low-light environments and for the full shift.   
  • The electric Ultra Buggy is built to be versatile and agile, therefore it’s equipped with a fold-up platform so operators can choose to stand on or allow further access into tight spaces.
  • The onboard software has been designed to control the speed of the machine as the operator pulls back the throttle, as well as the speed as it is turning, giving the operator a smooth driving experience. When the operator releases the throttle control, the ultra buggy uses regenerative braking to reach a full stop, and an automatic parking brake engages to prevent machine creep.
  • With a narrow width of 80.7 cm, it can fit through a 1-metre door making it perfect for indoor use.
  • The Ultra Buggy has an onboard charger, so the unit simply gets plugged into a regular socket and charges overnight.


Our key partnerships with leading global rental companies have given us the insight to focus our developments in the areas that really matter to the customer: durability, performance, and efficiencies for both the renter and the rental company.


The eDingo 500

In January 2023, Toro introduced its next generation of electric compact utility loaders, and making its European tradeshow debut at IRE: the Toro eDingo 500. With major upgrades since its first generation launch in 2020, the eDingo 500 delivers exceptional runtime in a compact design, allowing it to fit in the tightest spaces and tackling the toughest of jobs. The eDingo 500’s is ideal for indoor construction and demolition, and is powered by the HyperCell® Power System, a new battery technology developed by Toro to match the power of traditional internal combustion-powered products with zero engine-exhaust emissions and less noise. The new eDingo 500 is optimised to deliver up to an eight-hour continuous runtime, while maintaining a 515 lbs (234 kg) Rated Operated Capacity (ROC) allowing it to complete more jobs with less hassle.  We have made upgrades to the controls, adding our easy-to-use, industry-leading patented controls. This means the eDingo 500 can be operated with our one-handed traction controls. This user-friendly design allows for smooth and precise movements at any skill level. This is especially important for the rental market, as any operator can quickly learn the machine – a novice can become an expert, saving time and training thus allowing for increased productivity making it an attractive investment option for rental companies. 


We are answering the demand from the rental market for low-emissions and quieter equipment that can be used indoors, where traditionally manual labour was required, and in other places where petrol and diesel equivalent cannot be used. The eDingo 500’s narrow width of 76cm is specifically designed to fit through a standard 1-metre door making it perfect for indoor demolition jobs. The lithium-Ion battery also means there are less maintenance and service needs versus a diesel or petrol equivalent, bringing a cost benefit to the rental company.


The eDingo 500 is compatible with a wide variety of quick attach attachments that are available for our Dingo line-up, including our new indoor demolition focussed floor scrapper, ensuring quick removal of tile and carpets.


Both the electric Ultra Buggy and the eDingo are powered by our Hypercell® technology. This Toro-designed Lithium-Ion battery system is optimised to deliver up to 8 hours of continuous runtime. When developing the HyperCell battery system, Toro’s designers put all their energy into creating a powerhouse of performance, efficiency and reliability. The goal was to enable commercial machines to run quieter and cooler for longer, allowing professionals to crack on with the job in hand and achieve quality results the first time of asking.

  • Each lithium-Ion battery pack delivers 2.3 kWh and multiple batteries are combined to deliver the necessary power.
  • Optimised for longer runtime and greater battery life cycle.
  • Distributed Battery Management System optimises performance to enhance reliability.
  • Less maintenance and service requirements versus a petrol or diesel equivalent.

*Run time may vary based upon conditions and attachment being used


TORO to exhibit two new electric products at IRE 2023.