DEF cube

Western Global Introduces the next-generation DEF Cube.

A DEF storage solution that fits your needs.

Western Global, the market leader in fuel storage, will be talking all about their all-new diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) cube at the IRE show 2023. DEF, commonly known as AdBlue, is a liquid used to reduce the amount of air pollution created by a diesel engine. The all-new DEF Cube is a 500 Litre storage tank designed to support and extend the run time of stage IV/V generators and other non-road mobile machinery. 

The DEF Cube has all the same features as Western’s TransCube Global, plus the DEF inner tank, including forklift pockets for easy transport, lockable compartments for enhanced security, and a stackable design to optimise space. The DEF Cube is the perfect TransCube partner. You can operate the tanks and fill the equipment with both fluids at the same time, and as a result, increase job site efficiency.   

DEF Storage Technology 

Western Global found first-generation DEF tanks heavy in weight and cost when sourcing materials. In response, the company designed the DEF Cube with a polyurethane interior to substantially reduce weight and cost. The thoughtful design of the cube also provides integrated heating options for the DEF, capable of operating for extended run times in all weather conditions.

“Work sites have many environmental goals to promote a more sustainable world. That’s why DEF is widely used today and will continue to be a staple in the industry,” says Product Specialist at Western Global. “Until now, there hasn’t been a DEF solution that meets all the demands of customer’s requirements. – The DEF Cube is engineered to meet your needs, with a lightweight design that can go wherever you need them.”

The DEF Cube is the ideal solution for short-term onsite DEF storage. Due to its mobile design, the DEF Cube can transport DEF to any site, reaching even the most challenging locations.

Western’s newest innovation is available throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Find out more about the next generation DEF fuel storage: 

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Western Global Introduces the next-generation DEF Cube.